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What is KellysKonnects?

This will be my first official blog on the KellysKonnects website, this is me starting to create original content. I have to admit I am not the best with grammar, I am great with verbally getting my feelings and emotions out because I am an empath, I feel everything I do and say. Unfortunately, GOD did not install grammar check with my emotions, so this is a great time to partner with such a great company such as Grammarly to assist me with all my grammar flaws. I want to first start by explaining What is KellysKonnects? I have to remember to be clear and concise when explaining my business because there are a lot of people, that if you are not into marketing, specifically affiliate marketing will not understand. That is ok! I do not expect everyone to know everything, because I sure do not and I do not want to know it all BUT I would love to know where to find it. My dad told me when I was younger to never tell someone " I do not know" but instead say, " I do not know but I will find out" I have lived my life with that gem because life, especially, being black is about knowing and understanding your resources to maneuver through the world. To be able to get a piece of the pie being black isn't easy, we are very creative, resilient, intelligent people but one of our issues isn't creating, it is retaining what we create indefinitely. We have created and inspired so much around the world but because of the history in this world based on the treatment of black people, we have not been able to achieve a certain amount of financial success to make up for all that was stolen or sold. This is not to say that we do not have successful black people, we have VERY successful black people but it doesn't compare to what we could have it, if our people, talents, services, property, etc were not stolen or sold. No black person should live in poverty based on what our ancestors have contributed, the same way Jesus died for our future sins, our ancestors died as slaves so we didn't have to work for anybody but ourselves. So with all that being said, KellysKonnects is a platform where black people can find everything they need to succeed, it is a cooperative platform that uses the affiliate marketing to create a stream of income and with the continued building of corporations and small black businesses, I can extend my knowledge to other black consumers and entrepreneurs so they can connect with other black consumers and entrepreneurs to affiliate with each other. It is way more detailed and many other layers but that is the best way I can describe it, what I can say is what I want to do specifically has never been done and there are only 3 other billion-dollar corporations that do what I am trying to do. They have many more decades of experience, connections, and capital but I have researched this industry for 7 years and my business initially started as just a referral and resource company, I believe that every black entrepreneur should have a percentage of their business model built-in for community give back. So my give back is the referral and resources but I realized that it is deeper than giving referral and resources, it's a mindset that has to be changed, to change this mindset we have to see what we are achieving, no matter how big or small. Once we can see all in one space how much we are achieving, but also understand that the reality is for us to get ahead we have to not only dominate mentally our people but we have to dominate corporate America. We are creators and its time that we start getting a piece of the pie, not just the american pie but the pecan, key lime, sweet potato, every pie and I want to learn more so I can teach more black people how to get a piece of the pie for our ancestors who did not get to eat even though they were the ones that felt the heat in the kitchen. I was told today by a corporate partner that I needed to create some more original content and I agree, I have mastered helping others but now it is time to help myself so that I can help more of my people, I do not want to come off as a person who would not help a person no matter what color but because I am black I understand the black struggle. I have no problem helping others but the proceeds to anything KellysKonnects does will go to help the black community, it is time for us to get ahead and I want to do my part to see it happen because I will be someones ancestor one day. I want my lineage to know that our ancestors died so that I can be great and I was great so that they can continue to be greater, I hustle for my last name and the last names of ancestors who died for me but would never meet me. So, let me break down the sections of KellysKonnects:

• Work from home opportunities- I will provide research work from home leads, I am pro work from home because I feel that this is the first step in disconnecting a potential entrepreneur to being an independent thinker and multi-tasking on your dream, while still being able to get the security of a paycheck. It also, helps people create better work/ home management, especially for single parents who cannot afford traditional childcare, those with disabilities or caregivers this is also a great source of income for families whether it is primary or to supplement another income.

• Health, Wellness, and Nutrition- I will discuss and provide healthy eating options, fitness, and natural herbs or supplements to achieve a better quality of life so that we can achieve our goals. The phrase health before wealth is very true because our ancestors did not eat unhealthily because they wanted to, they ate it because once they were brought here, they could not get access to their foods. It is very difficult to create a busy lifestyle for yourself and consume foods that weigh you down and create other health issues that slow you down as well, there are so many herbs, supplements, fruits and veggies that can be incorporated in our lives to help create more quality lives. Also, I am pro wellness, we will discuss wellness options and topics to help more black people learn how to take better care of not just their bodies but their minds and heart, all these things Konnect to create what you need to succeed.

• Corporate Affiliate Partners- Based on stats, black people are the highest consumers, but our dollars do not circulate many times through our community. The reality is that we are an integrated society, so for us to retain more money we have to circulate and retain black and non-black dollars in black communities, which is getting a piece of all the pies. I will create a platform based on my current and future corporate connections as consumers to give you access to the very same branded corporations you already shop with or corporations in the industry you need that you may have never heard of, the only difference is as a consumer you now know your purchase will be with purpose, the purpose is to help KellysKonnects continue to build corporate partners. When the corporation sees the continued traffic to the platform, they will continue to create partnerships with KellysKonnects that we may extend those partnerships to you as a consumer for their in-house promotions and potential custom KellysKonnects promotions. As well as, providing a space for black businesses to network work with my corporate connections to build partnerships to help grow their businesses, through this connection KellysKonnects, consumers and businesses have the opportunity to generate stream(s) of income.

• Small Black Business Affiliate Partners- this platform will provide a space for any consumer to find services or products from small black businesses so that more black and non-black dollar circulates through the black community more times and retain more times to create streams of income and in-house promotions and potential custom KellysKonnects promotions.

• Resources, Referrals, and Events- I will provide community resources and referrals for people seeking assistance, education, employment opportunities, community events sponsored through KellysKonnects and/or any of our affiliate corporate and/or small black business partners.

• Blog- KellysKonnects will feature a company blog discussing topics that derive from the above-listed sections.

I am building, and I am asking you to help me build, so I can help you build, then we can help more people build what our ancestors were trying to build but they lacked resources. We have the resources, now let’s get the courage of our ancestors to build together…. KellysKonnects, giving you everything you need to succeed!

I hope this explains in detail, what is KellyKonnects? I wrote this listening to my favorite album, Lauryn Hill, Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, so I know several things need to be changed grammar wise, I submitted my draft to Grammarly for grammar and spelling review. It was a very easy process and guess what? It was FREE!! They give you suggestions on how to make your writings perfection, not just grammar wise but ensuring you are creating quality engaging content for your audience. KellysKonnects is an affiliate partner with Grammarly and I loved my experience, it was easy, and now I have a grammar free, engaging, clear and concise blog!

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